We Are So Glad You Found Us!


Here at Three Beans Threads, we love espresso martinis.


Three Beans Threads was born from a total obsession with tracking down the most ideal espresso martini in all of the land. Our passion for the classic drink goes beyond just enjoying the beverage - we will not settle for anything less than perfection. 

We know there are others out there like us who cannot resist a delicious sip of the caffeinated beverage. Our apparel company aims to create unique and fashionable styles for the coffee and espresso martini obsessed. Plus, our styles are wearable day or night, thanks to clean and simple designs that fit a backyard cookout or a sit-down dinner setting. 

We strive for the most comfortable clothing in the casual scene, so we source 100% cotton styles for you. 

Our brand goes far beyond fashion, as we also are baristas at heart who serve up classic espresso martini drinks at home and play around with new and unique flavors. You can find our latest recipes on our social media channels.

Thanks for stumbling upon us, and be sure to check back for the latest collections inspired by your spressie love.